Digital Marketing is the online way of advertising a product or service one offers. Digital Marketing has various types in it. Some of the famous trends in Digital Marketing are Social Media Marketing, PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Content Marketing.

These are some most familiar types of digital marketing and we will get to know more about these in this article.

Digital Marketing Types:

Here are some insights into the different types of Digital Marketing.

1. Social Media Marketing

Most brands use Social Media Marketing to promote their products/services. It is mostly about how you show your brand’s presence to your audience using Social Media Platforms. Firstly, In this marketing type, a marketer needs to have a very good understanding of various social media platforms, the type of audience that install the app, the usage times, user persona, marketing strategies, and others.

Social Media Marketing

Secondly, a Social Media Marketer needs to have an eye for detail for the brand creatives that get posted on their social profiles. A creative mindset, attractive and catchy headlines, and research are some main aspects brands look in for a Social Media Marketer. It is one of the most powerful Digital Marketing types when promoting a product/service.

2. PPC

PPC means “Pay Per Click”. It is advertising a brand’s product or service online via paid ads. In this marketing type, a marketer needs to have a good understanding of Campaign management, Ad revenue, ROAS (Return on Ad spent), and related terms.


This Digital Marketing type (PPC) works when a brand advertises its offerings by paying a fee when its ad gets clicked each time. It allows the marketers to place their ads on various search results and get traffic (paid) from other websites.

3. SEO

SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”. Mostly SEO is of two types.

  1. A marketer can drive organic traffic to the website (unpaid)
  2. A marketer can drive Paid traffic to the website (by running paid ads)

As a result, organic SEO takes time and yields effective results in the long run. Consequently, the Paid ads give slightly instant results by targeting ads to the potential customers and by making conversions.

4. Affiliate Marketing

It is yet another type of Digital Marketing where you can market someone else’s product and gain income when a conversion happens. Affiliate marketing is considered an additional income source by many. In addition, it usually works when you have a considerable amount of followers and when you provide value to your followers.

Affiliate Marketing

For Instance: Mr. A has a Clothing outlet and wants Affiliate marketers to promote his brand and achieve more sales. Mr. B is an influencer and has 2k followers. Mr. B joins Mr. A’s Affiliate program and promotes A’s brand and clothing samples on his Social network. Some of the followers of Mr.B purchase Mr.A’s products (Sale made).

Now Mr.A has to pay Mr.B Commission for this sale. (Affiliate Marketing).

Furthermore, you can earn money selling someone else’s product using this Digital Marketing type.

5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the various types of Digital Marketing. In this type, a marketer can additionally educate the users in their email list about their new launches, sales, clearance sale, fresh arrivals, discounts, and others. This can help the brands to stay connected with their customers.

Email Marketing

For Instance: If you check your Mailbox there will be emails related not only to shopping, but also to discounts, offers, and more. This is an example of Email Marketing.

6. Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is yet another useful form of Digital Marketing. Since customers have shifted their focus to Mobile, marketers also shifted their targeting to mobile marketing. It can also be seen in the form of Pop-up notifications, SMS from brands, in-app marketing, and others.

Mobile Marketing

7. Content Marketing

Lastly, Content Marketing is about marketing the content to the potential customers. It is used to attract, aware, engage, and retain the audience in a creative way. Moreover, there are various forms of content like Articles, Social media captions, emails, Graphics, Podcasts, Videos, and more.

Content Marketing image

Content Marketing is used to promote brand promotions to the audience as well as to make the audience remember your brand for a longer time.

Finally, we have reached the end of this article. Indeed, these Digital Marketing types are useful to you. However, I hope you find this article helpful. Comment down your thoughts.