Content curation & content writing consume huge time.

We almost spend hours on content curation & content writing for a simple blog.

This happens because we start all things at the same time. At last, we end up consuming more time.

If we do the content curation in advance, this will reduce your content writing time.

Most of us scroll through different kinds of content every day online. We barely read it till the end we just see the first two lines, ignore it and continue to scroll down.

But, some posts catch our attention and we will click on READ MORE.

Those two lines of the content we write are really important. These starting lines will be a game-changer for you.

So, we need to write the content which will attract the audiences in those starting 2-3 lines of our posts/Articles.

What is Content? What is content curation?

Content is a piece of information that is provided to people to enlighten them about a product/service.

Content writing & content curation
Effective content writing

There are different forms of content available over the web some of them are:

  1. Text Blocks of Information.

2. Video content

3. Audio podcasts

4. Memes and so on.

What is Content Curation? What is Content writing?

This is the most important step before you start writing content online. Good research on content will be helpful to you in getting more likes and followers. This should be done in a good manner to have good results.

Before writing, we need to do some kind of research regarding the ongoing topics. These may also include the topics which your viewers might be interested in.

Content creation and curation

It may also be your experience in using a particular thing or a service.

While doing so, try to address their queries related to the topic. This way your chances of getting viewers will be more.

Content writing is providing information on something which will help the readers.

It is giving information to the viewers in a written format.

Try to keep the content simple, short, and crisp to retain the users.

How does Content Writing Help others?

When you share your knowledge on a particular thing through content in a written format. People will read it and gain some insights on how to write content and what are the pre-requisites for doing so.

While some of the struggling content writers also learn new tips and tricks from you. They will try to implement those tips in their writings.

This will surely increase their content quality. They will make the audience be there till the last line of the content.

Most of the writers don’t follow the tricks and end up getting no traffic to their content.

Tips and Tricks to engage viewers with your content

How does it feel to read repetitive content online? You will feel it is a complete waste of time right?

Tip 1: Content should be Unique.

The content you publish on your blog post needs to be unique. This way the readers will get to know your experiences and knowledge.

The content should be Unique: When you write something it should be of your own. People like it when you tell your experiences rather than copying others. It will increase the “Quality” of your content.

When your most troubling query gets answered How do you feel?

You feel Relaxed right?

Tip 2: Address potential readers queries.

This will help the audiences to come to you in the future.

Try to address the viewer’s issues: Resolving the audience’s issues will make them trust you. If they trust you they will definitely try out your Tips & Tricks.

What would attract you more Text or Images?

Visuals of course.

Tip 3: Use visual content

Visuals include various formats and types like Images, Videos, Animations, Carousels, Infographics, etc.

Use images or visuals to draw attention: Images speak more than words. Using visuals increase your chances of getting more views and clicks.

While going through online content which has complex words. How do you feel going back to Google to check the meaning of a particular word?

Frustrating right?

Because it melts down your interest.

Tip 4: Use Simple and understandable language.

Always use simple and easy words while writing your content. Usage of complex words intimidates your readers.

Use simple and easily understandable words: Usage of simple and understandable words will engage the audience more as compared to using complicated language.

What would you like Simple sentences or Long lengthy ones?

Most of us will prefer simple over lengthy sentences.

Here is tip 5. This tip makes readers feel simple-looking sentences are simple to understand.

Tip 5 : Break down your content

Cut down your content into simple steps: Try to avoid writing long sentences. It is better to cut down your content into simple pieces of information.

Interacting creates more creative content. So, the next tip will help you in that case.

Tip 6: Interact with your readers to know what they want to know from you.

Interact with your Audiences: Building a Rapport with the audiences creates a huge impact on your content.

While reading the content on Newly released Movies you see a TV Show image.

How does it impact you?

You will feel confused or lost right?

Tip 7: Use Relevant images to your content to build interaction.

Using Relevant Images works really well and blends right with the content.

Use Appropriate and relevant images: While using visuals be sure to upload the relevant images only.


These are some of the Tips and Tricks for writing content online. These methods have worked well for me. I hope this will also work for you.

If you find this helpful, please comment below.