Blogging has grown to a large extent these days. It is a way of expressing or giving out information. People do blogging for different reasons. Some want to do Affiliate marketing while some want to spread awareness and the list goes on. Building Backlinks will undoubtedly change your SEO game.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is about getting your website when people search for your product listings. There are numerous ways that go inside SEO like On-page and Off-page SEO. Both have equal importance and are important for SERP factors as well.

Most of the people suffer from getting less traffic, low click rate, etc. While Backlinks is one amongst them. If you are a new blogger or one struggling to get some then, this blog is totally for you. There are some major things that a lot of people miss. Be wise and don’t do the mistake. If you want to know about content writing and its importance.

Top 5 ways to build backlinks for better SEO

What are Backlinks?

Well, Backlinks are the links when someone gives a link to your blog in their article. In this way, that person has given you a backlink. Well-known and famous personalities like Neil Patel have thousands of these links on his every blog. But this becomes difficult when you are starting up as no one knows you or your website. These links will be helpful for you to get some visibility.

These are very important in terms of SEO. There are different types of Backlinks one can go with. some of the most useful ones are.

  1. Do-Follow
  2. No Follow

Do-Follow Backlinks

These are the backlinks that are useful and valid for SEO to rank better. In this type of Backlinks, both the link giver and link receiver will get benefitted. since, both the links are available for the viewers and search engines to crawl, redirect, and pass on to the linked page. It is helpful in SERP as well. Get more insights into backlinks from here.

Ways to get quality Do-Follow Backlinks

There are a lot of ways to gain these backlinks from. As these backlinks are useful for SEO rankings, the more quality backlinks the more is the benefit.

  • Email requests
  • Guest Blogging
  • Using platforms like or
  • Usage of Social media profiles
  • Commenting on related posts

No Follow Backlinks

These are not counted for SEO to boost the page rank. These links can be redirected by people to view a particular blog post or an article. But, these links give a signal for the search engines “not to count them”. that is why search engines don’t redirect these backlinks.

These type of links are useful to gain views and increase the viewer count to respective websites.

How to differentiate Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks

Both the links are HTML tags that can be identified by following a simple process. By doing this, you will get to know the type of backlinks you get.

  1. Go to a website

2. Give a “Right-click” on the page

3. From the drop-down menu select “View page source”

4. You will get to see the code

5. Find the HTML tags and if you see rel=”no follow” attribute then, it is a No-Follow otherwise, it is a Do-Follow.

6. Do-Follow Backlinks don’t have any rel attributes in HTML.

In this way, you can find what type of Backlinks you got by this simple process.

Ways to Get Quality Backlinks for Free

If you have a huge number of low quality backlinks it certainly won’t help you. But, when you get a low number of quality, authorized backlinks from a reliable source it will surely add some value.

Email Outreach

This is a process of reaching out to authorized and reliable website admins or owners. You can make a smart move by giving their backlink to your Article. In the email you can start telling them how much you like their content, the reason why you follow them. Meanwhile, in a polite and empathetical manner tell them that you have given a backlink to them.

It is psychologically proven that, when we receive something, we will give something in return. So, It will influence them to give you a backlink if you have good quality content. (T&C applied)

Guest Blogging

This is a content marketing and SEO technique. It is a way of getting backlinks from others. It is a process of finding out the related websites to your niche. Then, you can write or publish a blog post on a third-party website. This will be benefitted to you in terms of promoting your personal brand.

By doing so, someone will be there to write for you and your offerings. This helps you to build quality backlinks from the related websites of your niche.

using Quora or

There are different platforms available for you to link back to your website. Some of the majorly used platforms are Quora and Medium. On these platforms you will find topics related to your niche.

Talking about Quora, It is a platform where you can find a ton of questions waiting for someone to answer them. From there you can select a related topic, give answers, and prefer to link back to your website.

Medium is an open platform where you find readers of dynamic thinking. Here you can write your thoughts on any topic. You can also link back to the related topics to your website.

Use Your Social Media Profiles

Social media is a game-changer for anyone who works smart. Most of the social media platforms use your website URL on your profile page. so, that they make the best use of it.

Social media posts and updates:

Most of your activity on social media lets you gain some backlinks in return. This will be possible only if you target the right audiences and post actively about your offerings.

Social media profile:

Your social media platform gives you an option to showcase your URL or any virtual asset you possess. This is to make your social circle know you own this property. so that you can gain backlinks from it if, anyone finds it Helpful.

Commenting on Related Posts

This is a useful way to gain backlinks from. You can find numerous related posts to your niche and industry. You can choose to comment down. But, most of the website owners don’t allow people to give backlinks in the comments section.

So, you can comment down on related posts and can gain some visibility in your niche. This will take some time for people to get back to you. But, it is really a helpful and useful process.


We have seen the 5 ways of gaining backlinks from people. There are lot more ways to connect with people and get backlinks. But, these are some really helpful and economic ways to gain Backlinks. This will help you in your SEO rankings as well.

“Having numerous low-quality backlinks is not worth your time. But, having relatively less number of reliable and quality backlinks will definitely help you in SERP”.

Hope this is Helpful. Do comment below your thoughts on it.