Have you ever wondered why Facebook shows Ads in the feed? Most of us have seen some Ads on the Facebook news feed. There might be some useful courses or products on the list too. As a user, we also want to know the basics of the Facebook Ads and how it works.

so, here is a quick guide that takes you through the Fb Ads.

No doubt, Facebook is one of the most powerful and influential platforms over the internet.

It allows people to come and share things they might be interested in. Those may include both personal and professional lives as well.https://www.google.com/

One can find a huge audience of their choice here. so, it gives a platform for the businesses to build an audience up there and show some products or services to them. This also creates value to the people there and makes their job way easier and helpful.

At this stage the Fb Ads jumps into the picture.

Are Facebook Ads really Helpful?

Yes, absolutely. Because these Ads give you insights into the people/audience’s reactions. In a way, it provides you with all the details you want to nourish the business.https://ruhith.com/a-thankyou-note/

These Facebook Ads will help you to build a personal brand as well.

If you are promoting a business then, people can easily reach out to you through Ads on Facebook.

Are Facebook Ads costly?

It depends on the product or service you want to promote.

The minimum amount you can spend on the Ads is around 73 INR.

The maximum amount can be based on your competitors investment and other criteria.

Once, you update your account with the minimum amount you can go ahead and use the Ads but for a particular time period only.

Pre-requisites for Facebook Ads

It is really simple to start with if you are really interested to get things work for you.

All you need to start is a Facebook account and a Facebook page.

You need to be the Admin of the page you have created. You can also choose other at Fb roles category section.

There are 3 levels of creating and Ad

  1. Ad Campaign
  2. The Ad set
  3. Ad level

Then you can go to the Accounts manager section and then to campaigns and create an Ad based on your requirement.

There are different kinds of Ads like Traffic Ad, Conversion Ad etc.

One of the best features is while creating Fb Ads you can connect with the website or Apps to which you own and have access. Even you can connect with the social media platforms like Instagram.

When you create an Ad on Facebook, the Fb team will review your Ad and then approve or disapprove it.

Why Facebook disable the accounts?

Most of us may have come across this issue and can’t get a clear idea of how to tackle this situation.

Don’t worry guys, here is a quick guide to solve the issue.

It usually happens when you don’t fill out all the sections of the Facebook page you have created.

It may also occur when you create a page and end up not being active over there.

One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to give all the required details on your Facebook page.

Do the Ads go on continuously if the Ad budget is there?

Yes, while creating the Ad you have the option to end the Ad based on the requirement.

Else, You can run the Fb Ads with the ongoing or decided budget continuously without any interruptions.

You also have an option to pause the Ad if required.

So, one can choose the budget level according to their need at the Ad set level. Find out how to boost your business using DM by clicking Here.


Facebook Ads play a very important role in uplifting your business and sales. It will enhance your personal branding on social media platforms as well. One can gain a lot of insights on customer reactions through the Fb Ads. Interested to learn Digital Marketing, click here.

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