Most of us have heard a lot about Google Ads but, doesn’t really know it’s feature and elements. These ads are really beneficial when run for a longer period of time. Google gives a platform for the users ( businesses and organizations) to create different kinds of ads for the businesses to grow and prosper.

One of the best features of these ads is it shows the ads to all its partner sites like YouTube. There are different kinds of ads for the customers to try and experiment on this platform. By doing so, you can gain a good amount of grip and knowledge on the whole system of it. Thereby you can go with the kind of ad that better serves your purpose.

Google Ads virtuoso to become a Wunderkind.

Google Ads help businesses to adopt the new technology of creating Ads to reach out to people. This can also create an online presence for the users.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads are a very useful and well-known means of advertising online.

There are different types of ads available for one to use. Like search ads, display ads, video ads, smart display, and standard display. They are explained in detail below.

Search ads: Search ads are one of the types of Google ads. These ads appear when a user searches for a keyword on a search engine. This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. This can be done when you have certain keywords related to audience search.

Display ads: Most of us are aware of the ads that appear on the websites. We almost try to ignore them. These ads are available on the sides of any website or video. When a user clicks on that particular ad you generate link clicks.

Video ads: These ads can be done by taking a video and advertising it on the search engine. For this purpose, you can also go with the youtube videos as well.

(You can check out the Facebook ads here

How to avail Google ads 2000 credit?

When you try to signup for the ads using your Gmail. You will get an ad credit of 2000 INR. They provide you with a promotional coupon of 2000 INR. This can be availed when you register for the first time.

This is to encourage people to opt for these ads. With this, new consumers become the customers. By signing up they can create ads using google ads.

This initiative makes small businesses to grow by using these ads. The ads are placed by the google itself (based on the ad type you choose) . So, it makes the process easy for the users. You can also do these ads for various Google platforms like YouTube and so on.

To get this 2000 INR to be creditted in to your Google Ads account following the process explained :

Copy the Promotional code from your mail and enter it into the billing section.

This can be availed by spending your first 2000 INR for the Google Ads to get this promotional 2000 INR.

Google Keywords Planner

This is one of the best ways to know about the keywords your customer searches for. By this, it ranks you a step ahead of your competitors. The question now is how do we get these keyword searches?. Don’t get confused I’m here to guide you on this. The way to get these keyword searches is to create an ad campaign. This ad campaign’s purpose is to advertise to your audiences through Google Ads.

You will get a list of keywords from the Ad you have run. These keywords will be available only if you run the ad for a particular period of time. Then only you can get the keywords searched by the users.

These keywords help you to go with the suggested keyword searches from the previous ads.

From these keywords you can target them and create another campaigns for your audience searches.

Google Ads Pricing

We all know that everything comes with a price tag, So as these Ads. These ads are a bit higher when compared to other platforms. The reason for this is you can draw more insights once you run a campaign.

One can also get better results comparitively when run for a long time period. These ads gain results when run for a certain time period.

Based on your business type you can go with different kinds of targets. Those include website traffic, lead generation, conversions, display campaigns, App installations, sales and so on.

You can choose the ad form you like based on your product or service. This when done efficiently will gain much quality results. These will definately help your business to grow big and to beat your competitors too.

After running continuously for a particular time the budget for ads also gets reducing. This is the formula for these ads. These ads gain more subjective results for businesses and organizations.

The minimum pricing to get started with the Google Ads is of 500 INR.

You can also spend higher than 500 INR based on your budget and target.

Types of Audiences on Google Ads

This facilitates one with different types or kinds of audiences. They include Custom, retargetting audiences.

Re targetting audiences are those who have visited one of your web assets. This is used to target your visitors to drive back the traffic.

Custom audiences are those which are created by the Admin. They are decided based on the criterias like Age, Gender, Location, Profession, Income and so on.

You can choose audience based on your product offerings and services.

Choosing the correct type of audiences makes your purpose better and simple.

Right type of audience selection brings you more results and Return On Investment (R.O.I).

One needs to understand the target audience before setting up the campaign. This is done to get the better results.


There are different ways to approach the customers. one of the best ways to do is to do it with smart ads. This also encourages the businesses and people to go for it with the promotional codes. This will relatively bring more results and insights in to the business.

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