Have you ever wondered what it takes for a particular app to show on top in app store search results??

When we type a particular keyword in search the most optimized app will show on top rather than the one you type. It happens quite often right, let’s get to know about this process – ASO. If you have an app or you work for one then, you should definitely know about this technique.

App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a technique used by marketers to boost the downloads of a particular app. This is one of the SEO strategies to increase app downloads by following ASO strategies.

App Store Optimization - ASO
App Store Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is used to make your website appear on the top of Google SERPs. App Store Optimization is used to make your application appear on top of search results in app stores. Know about Social bookmarking and ways to do it.

ASO is used by most marketers to improve app rankings, impressions, click-through rates (CTR), and many others as well. This will in turn helps improve better results for your application. Many marketers will ignore the ASO or don’t give as much importance as SEO due to which they have poor app store rankings. Don’t be one among such a lot.

Different App Stores For ASO.

There are various app stores where you can optimize your app presence and improve the rankings. Some most popular and well-known app stores are listed below:

  • Google Play Store
  • Apple Store
  • Bing
  • Windows…etc

These are some best app stores to download the various kinds of apps. There are apps for multiple kinds like Gaming, music, sports, entertainment, video streaming, Business, Apparells, and what not?

Every app is optimized in a particular way to show up when a user searches in the app stores. But, only some apps show up due to the ASO process.

Why ASO is required? What does it bring in return for us?

App Store Optimization helps in many ways and is beneficial to any industry. Here are some of the reasons why to do ASO for your app.

  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Improves visibility
  • Increased app downloads
  • Positive app reviews
  • Improved app ranks and ratings
  • Audience engagement
  • Additional marketing channel for your brand.

These are some major benefits of following the ASO technique for your application.

ASO Factors and its importance

ASO is based on some criteria for the app to rank on the no/1 position in-app store results. May it be Android, ios, or any other app store you need to follow some parameters to rank on the top position. ASO helps you to overtake your competitors by optimizing your app.

In order to better rank your app on related app stores, you need to follow some strategies.

1. App Title:

The title of the app should include the relevant keywords and it should be below 50 characters.

2. App Description

Your app needs to have a detailed description of your offerings and services. The character limit of this description needs to be 4000 characters.

3. App Ratings & reviews

This is an important factor that drives and attracts more traffic to your app. Make sure to address every review and try to concentrate more on negative reviews and feedback.

4. App Link Building

Just like SEO, ASO can help apps to rank better. Apps can also be linked on various websites like Blogs. This helps to pass the link juice and helps you to achieve the no.1 position. Read about the Top 5 ways to build links online easily.

5. User Engagement

ASO allows you to interact most with the user reviews and ratings. This will help you to address the user’s feedback and reply back to their queries in an optimistic way.

Elements of ASO

Here are the elements of ASO in boosting the app downloads and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). When done promptly these elements will help your app to rank better in SERPs.

The below listed are some of the elements of ASO which need to be taken care of at a basic level.

  1. App Icon : This makes users identify your app easily. so, put an icon that best suits your content.

2. App Title: These 50 characters will help you bring more conversions, include keywords in it for more desired results.

3. App Description: Here you need to mention a detailed summary of your app. It has around a 4000 character limit which should be used in a really good manner.

4. Reviews: This section will help you to address your audience queries and concerns.

5. Ratings: These ratings will act as a foreface for your audiences to download the app.

6. User Engagement: This will help you to build a connection with the audience in your niche.

7. Storage size: This gives a brief idea of the size of the app to the users.

8. No. of Downloads: This will act as a catalyst for your app. The more the No.of downloads, the more is the benefit.

9. Images, Videos of the app: This will help your audiences to understand your app in a visual manner. Try to keep HD images and videos. Visuals help better in storytelling than words.

10. Updates or Additional information: This section is for any kind of updates or add-on information for the users.

11. Customer Support: Providing a support email or contact will help you to address the user’s issues and build trust among them.


This brings us to the conclusion part, These are some of the basic ASO information related to the app ratings and user engagement.

Hope this is helpful for you guys.

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