Do you always forget to publish your blogs on time? If you are, then you should try scheduling posts to avoid that delay.

Scheduling posts will give you space for improving other related things like SEO etc. WordPress has a feature to schedule your posts beforehand to reduce your scheduling time. When you are good at writing you write content easily and quickly. Writing requires multiple checks and consumes a lot of time. So, let us make the blog posting easy by scheduling the posts.

Scheduling blog posts will ease down your work from a hectic schedule and workload. If you check the blog and schedule it accordingly it will go live and you have nothing to worry about. Once you have the content ready the best way is to add the content on a new post and schedule it on a particular date. Read about the AIDA Marketing model for businesses around.

You can always rely on WordPress scheduling as it is accurate, easy, and simple to use and apply on a daily basis.

Why to schedule posts on WordPress?

Scheduling a post prior has some benefits.

Schedule WordPress Posts
Schedule WordPress posts
  • It is simple and easy.
  • The results are accurate and on-point.
  • The process requires only few minutes.
  • Clears the scheduling load from the hectic work pressures.
  • Allows room to make any changes prior to scheduling, and others.

Schedule a post on WordPress:

Follow the simple step-by-step process to schedule posts as per your requirement. Use the FREE Title generator tools for writing better Headlines and Titles.

  • Login to your WordPress website.
  • Go to the posts coloumn on your left hand side.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Add new posts.
  • Add your content and check for the SEO and readability, and related scores.
  • On the Top bar, you will see Publish option click on it.
  • It will allow you to choose between Publish now or on a later date.
  • To schedule the post on a particular date, choose the date, month, year.
  • Click on the Schedule option.
Video on Posts scheduling on WordPress

This will schedule your posts on your preferred date. The blog will go live as per the scheduled date and time. If you are on the go and want everything to be sorted out as planned. You can try this blog scheduling method on your WordPress website.

Hope this blog is helpful and serves its purpose. Don’t forget to comment down your thoughts on it.