WordPress is for those who love to write, create and share content online then, you need a Word press account to get started. WordPress is a platform which provides you with most of the features. It also supports entrepreneurs and businesses.

There are various free platforms to put up your content online. some of them are Blogger, Medium. But, what makes the difference is for word press you need to have a Domain name and Hosting name to start your journey with. It is more of a professional way to show up your skills online. It builds your brand effectively.

Word Press is really a popular platform to start with. You can have a website of your own with which you can proudly show off in front of your friends. To start your journey you need to have some pre-requisites like having a Domain name and Hosting plan.

Create your website on wordpress
astersund, Sweden – August 26, 2012: WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool.

Is Domain name really important for WordPress?

Yes, Because a Domain name is something that can easily depict what your writings are about. The domain name can be anything depending on your interests. They play a vital role in your journey. https://ruhith.com/digital-marketing/

  • Hostinger
  • A2 Hosting
  • Name cheap
  • Go Daddy etc

The Domain names can cost you around 600-800 INR depending on the availability of your required domain name. In order to get your domain name, you need to go to the domain provider’s search bar. Perform a quick search on the domain name you want using extensions like .com, .in, .org. If the name is available then, you can acquire that. If it is already taken by someone else you need to go for some other Domain name.

Examples of some of the Domain names are listed below:

  • DigitalDeepak.com
  • NeilPatel.com
  • Momspresso.com
  • ruhith.com
  • crypto.com
  • Bitcoin.com

The Domain name will tell you what their blogs target in most cases. some Domains are with personal names which tell about establishing a personal brand. Click here to better understand Marketing

Is Hosting available for cheaper rates?

Another important thing to start your website on WordPress is to really make sure that you have a Hosting plan. There are plenty of options to choose your hosting plan from. Your WordPress is provided inside your Hosting service provider. Hosting can be taken from such a service provider which gives an SSL certificate and other things. some of the Hosting service providers are listed below:

  • Hostinger.com
  • Name cheap.com
  • A2 Hosting.com
  • Blue Host.com
  • Green Geeks.com

Is SSL really required for your Website?

Most of the Hosting service providers give a free SSL certificate for a period of one whole year.

SSL means Secure Socket Layer which will protect your site from getting hacked. It will make your viewers to use your website assuring the utmost safety. The SSL secured websites can be identified by looking at the LOCK symbol at the starting of the website. This will ensure the safety and security standards of your Website. It makes your users feel safe on your website when they drop their personal details.

so, having an SSL certificate is recommended for setting up your WordPress Website.

Connecting your Domain and Hosting service providers

When you acquire both the Domain name and Hosting you need to go for this step. You are required to connect your Domain and Hosting services. There are two scenarios for this process to be done.

  1. When you purchase both the Domain and Hosting from the Same service provider ( like Domain and Hosting both from NAMECHEAP): In this case, you can relax and do nothing because, both the Domain and Hosting are from the same provider they must be linked and get connected to one another.

Here comes another scenario where you need to do some mental exercise to connect both the Domain and Hosting providers.

2. When you purchase Domain and Hosting from different providers (Like Domain from NAMECHEAP & Hosting from Hostinger): In this case what you need to do is, firstly you have to collect the server names from your Hosting provider and then, connect them with your Domain provider. This is made to ensure that both get connected to each other.

For the connection to get established it will take a maximum of 24-48 hours they say but, instantly it gets connected sometimes depending on service providers.

Where do we find our WordPress Website?

Most of the people get confused about where to find the website we created. Relax guys, Here is a simple step you need to keep in mind. The WordPress website is always provided by the Hosting service provider only. https://www.google.com/

All we need to do is to log in to the Hosting provider. Then go to the C-panel or H-panel of the Hosting provider and need to set up our website. Finally, there we can get access to our website and some other things like an SSL certificate. We need to activate the SSL to get the Secured symbol or icon on our website.

We can edit the website and customize it according to our requirements. There are some plugins that will really simplify your total process. Themes are also available to make your site look attractive to audiences.

How to add content to the Website?

In order to write content on your Website. You need to go to the Website’s Dashboard. Then to the Posts section, click on Add new posts. From there you can write content based on your interests and publish them. You can add images, links, videos, embedded videos too to make your content look neat and good. Find the modules of Digital Marketing by clicking here.

You can also update or do some quick edits to your posts. For this you need to go to Website’s Dashboard then to posts. From there you need to click on All posts. There you can be able to see all your posts and chose the one you want to edit. After editing the content on your post you can click on update inorder to save the changes.


In this way you can set up your own website by spending some 1400-1600 INR which is really worth it. It will create your own brand among your friends and family. It will also create a digital structure to your businesses.

Can one setup a website without having Domain and Hosting?

No, You can’t set up a website without having the Domain & Hosting.

Can we migrate our website from one service provider to another?

YES, but it requires one to have a considerable amount of knowledge on it to do so.

Is SSl provided for free on every Hosting service provider?

It totally depends on the Hosting service provider. Hostinger provides a free SSL certificate for one year.

Is WordPress really worth to invest amount?

Depends on your commitment. If you are really determined to spend some quality time on your website, it is really worth every penny spent.