AIDA model is one of the famous and well-known marketing models used by marketers for sales and marketing purposes. Knowingly or unknowingly we all follow this process but this time make a note of how you feel when you are about to buy a product or service.

This AIDA model is applicable to every industry and niche if observed carefully.

The AIDA marketing model stands for.

A- Attention,

I- Interest,

D- Desire,

A- Action.

The AIDA marketing model shows the stages a customer goes through before purchasing a product or a service. It shows the customer perception towards their purchase cycle for a product/service. Know how to use the FREE Tools for Title/Headline generator to improve your writings.

AIDA model

A – Attention.

Attention is the first stage of the AIDA marketing model.

Prior to purchasing a product or service, the product or service has had grabbed the attention of the customer. Marketers research well and project their products or services to their target audiences. When a product reaches the target audience the response rate or conversion rate will be higher.

Example: When we go through online shopping platforms we search for a particular thing and get a lot of results. Among the ton of options, only some will grab our attention and hook us to check the product specifications and other details.

So, it is important for marketers to research and understand their audience’s needs well. The above scenario will be different for two distinct persons having two different things in mind.

I – Interest.

This is the second stage a customer goes through before purchasing a product or service.

When the customer gets attracted to any product or service they show interest in knowing more about that particular product. At this stage, Psychology plays an important role. Customers tend to show more interest in psychological pricing (Rs. 99/- only, SALE, 50% OFF..etc) than the normal prices.

Example: We will carry forward the first example. When we check out the product details, there will be some pop-ups like “Similar products” on the screen which lead us to check out them as well.

It is important to retain the customers at this stage as they show higher levels of interest in buying the product or service. Know how to do the On-page SEO for your website.

D – Desire.

Desire is the third stage of the AIDA marketing model.

Usually, people desire things when they start to get more addicted or attracted to something. When we tend to see the same thing again and again we start to desire it. This is exactly what happens in this stage. Customers develop a desire to buy a product or service at this stage. An appropriate advertisement at this stage will show the desired results.

Example: When we are already interested in buying a product, there is an inbuilt desire to own that particular product. When a sale is going on we will definitely go and check out that particular product irrespective of the need at that moment.

A – Action.

This is the final stage of customer buying behavior in the purchase cycle. All the build-up feelings in buying a product or service will land you to click the Buy button both on your screen and in your head psychologically.

Example: Finally, we will agree to buy that particular product and put the effort to click the Action button (Buy).

These build-up emotions, marketing models, strategies all will make the customer buy or own that particular product or service.


These are some stages a customer goes through prior to making a purchase decision. We all follow this model but unfortunately, we don’t recognize it. Next time when you are about to buy a product see whether you follow these stages or not.

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