Everyone indeed thinks of going back to the past and relive their childhood especially the teenagers. one day or the other you will surely become a parent and enjoy your child’s parenting and childhood.

As a parent, you have an amazing chance to make your children’s parenting and childhood an excellent one.

Let me guys give some really cool and amazing tips at the end of the article to find out some of the really amazing and inspiring Parenting and childhood tips from the great Sudha Murthy Ji a well-known personality. Her stories are a mix of comedy and truth which really goes well.


Introduction of parenting

parenting is obviously an excellent way of nurturing a child. It will definitely make your child understand and inspect the surroundings in order to appreciate the things he has. It makes the child remain grounded and humble. Parenting indeed involves a beautiful interaction between a parent and the child.https://www.kidsstoppress.com/details/exclusive-sudha-murthys-3-simple-tips-implement-right-away/17258

Why is parenting important?

Parenting undoubtedly lays the foundation of a child’s career. It can make or even break the child’s career and life. Parenting should be done in a good manner. It should make the child feels awesome to spend time with the parent not the other way around.

The behavior of a child on parenting and childhood

Parenting results in a holistic approach to the child. It makes the child more responsible and accountable. It brings a sense of accountability to the child’s mind. Parenting makes the child really understand the value of people and things.

Parenting and childhood tips from Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy is one of the well-known writers for her stories and books. Here are some amazing tips from her. There are amazing rules to be followed while parenting your child.

  1. Never ever compare your child with someone else’s child.
  2. Always try to encourage and motivate your children.
  3. Motivate them in their interested fields.
  4. Inculcate friendly relationships so that, the child finds it easy to discuss anything within the family.
  5. Try to understand everything from their point of view.
  6. Never underestimate or overestimate your child.

Methods of parenting and childhood

There are 5 methods of parenting. Try to choose the one which suits your child.

  1. Authoritative parenting style: It involves a lot of orders to be followed.
  2. Disciplinary parenting style: parenting goes hand in hand with discipline which is good.
  3. Uninvolved parenting style: This has the lowest parent-child interaction which is not a really good sign.
  4. Balanced parenting style: This has a balanced format of parenting.
  5. Overbearing parenting style: In this style, parents overestimate their child’s capabilities.

How to track a child’s progress?

It is important to track the child’s progress to know upto what extent has the child progressed. In order to track the child’s progress one should follow some methods.

  1. Arrange some really cool gatherings to know how the child has progressed.
  2. To do some amazing kind of practical experiments.
  3. Make the child read inspiring books.
  4. To do some real-life activities to find out the outcomes.


Parenting is indeed a foundation step for everyone’s life. So, make sure that it is done in the correct manner. As it will have its impact on the child for a really long period. It is not necessary to follow exactly what I have mentioned but, try to inculcate some of the other things which will benefit your child’s growth. Click here to know about limiting the screen time of your kids.