Infograph Submission is a part of off-page SEO where you publish your infographics on other’s websites to gain traffic. This is a simple yet effective method of promoting your product or service to a larger and distinct audience set.

SEO has various activities which involve a lot of work to be done at the back-end. Infographic submission is a part of it and involves various things.

What is an Infograph?

An Infograph is the visual representation of text. It makes the boring text shape into an interesting visual with the usage of graphics, charts, data, and others.

infograph image

Infograps are easy to understand and takes less time in analysing as compared to other formats like text.

Infograph Submission sites:

If you want to submit your infographic on websites for Free then, you must read this infograph submission article through the very end to know the websites that accept your infographics. Social media tools to save your time in manually posting.

NOTE: Since these are free submissions it will take more time than a paid submission. These submissions don’t come with a guarantee that your infographic must be published on their websites.

Things to keep in mind while submitting infographics:

  1. Domain Authority (DA) of the website
  2. Type of submission like free or paid
  3. Kind of link such as Do-follow, No-follow

1. is one of the free infographic submission sites having a DA of 54. It has infographics, visual content in various kinds like sports, music, entertainment, and others. Infographics are seen in various formats like charts, graphs based on each category.

How to submit:

  • Go to website
  • Click on infographic submission and then to Free submission
  • Submit your inforgraphic for free

This free submission will take a lot of time to get published. If you want instant results then, it’s better to opt for paid submissions.

2. Cool infographics

Cool infographics have a DA of 59. It allows users to submit infographics, visuals for free. This is one of the best submission sites to show your creative skills and to grab inspiration from popular infographics as well. Website 2.0 backlinks to know and use to improve your website traffic.

How to submit:

  • Go to cool infographics website
  • Click on the Contact page and fill the form
  • Include your infographic and link to it
  • If your infographic submission is accepted, they will let you know.

3. Infographic Bee

Infographic Bee has a DA of 25 and has the best visuals as compared to other submission websites. This is one of the best websites to opt for free infographic submissions.

How to submit:

  • Go to Infographic Bee website
  • Opt for a Free infographic submission.
  • When your infographic gets approved, it will be live on the website

4. Infographic Journal

Infographic Journal has a DA of 54 and is one of the best websites to find amazing infographics among various fields. This website has 3 variation plans to submit the infographics.

How to Submit:

  • Basic Free plan – This plan will allow users to submit infographic for free, the editor will review it within a stipulated time and approve or dismiss it.
  • Express Submission – This plan is a paid one and it costs you around $25 and your submission will be approved on the same day.
  • Featured Submission – This plan is also a paid one of $75 and it will make your submission live on the “Featured” section and it will be live for 7 days.


This is a infographic submission site and has a DA of 80. This website connects audience from various streams like Journalists, Developers, Designers, Animators across the web.

How to Submit:

  • Create an account for yourself on the website
  • Submit your infographuc for Free

6. Behance

Behance is an infographic submission site having a DA of 92 and it will allow users to submit infographics for FREE.

How to Submit:

  • Create an account with Behance website
  • Click on “Add Work” option
  • Upload your infographic free with Behance.

These are some of the websites that allow free infographic submissions. Add your suggestions in the comment box below.