Have you ever come across books that are really targeted at pregnancy?.

No doubt! we all have seen at least one book when we visit e-commerce websites.

Is there really a necessity for pregnancy books?

Absolutely yes! because, these books have its impact on the life one leads and the way they look at things.

We are living in a society where everything runs in a cyclic process. From birth to death everything is indeed linked to one other. Pregnancy is undoubtedly considered one of the biggest blessings of life. This phase comes in every women’s life and it can really be embraced by pregnancy books. It indeed cherishes the joy of being a woman.https://ruhith.com/

Conceiving and Becoming pregnant is one’s own choice. Every woman has the right to configure and decide when to become pregnant. pregnancy is not as easy as it seems to be. Pregnancy indeed comes with a lot of complications. In order to calm down, the Anxiety and stress pregnancy books are really helpful. https://www.wikipedia.org/

Pregnancy tantrums

Pregnant women usually tend to doesn’t show up interest in eating, cooking, and a lot more things.

Expecting women indeed go through a lot including vomitings, loss of appetite, weight gain, bulky look, no travel restrictions, dedicated to bed.

Family and societal expectations

Family and societal expectations are beyond the labor pain. Everyone wants and wishes to have a baby boy. No one really has the guts to come and tell in front of the pregnant woman. But, there will always be some unheard conversations that she only hears. Those kinds of conversations will obviously increase the stress levels of pregnant women.

What role do books play in improving the health of pregnant women?

Pregnant women face a lot of complications throughout the pregnancy period. In order to maintain peace and to engage pregnant women in some kind of peaceful activity reading books is really one of the best ways to consider. There are indeed different kinds of books available in the market which are specially designed for pregnant women.

Reading books will obviously bring a sense of relief and calm to pregnant women. This habit will indeed smoothen her day-to-day activities. Reading will definitely have its effect on the growing baby inside the pregnant women.

What kind of pregnancy books to consider?

Depending on the pregnant women’s interest books should be chosen. But, reading books related to pre-natal and post-natal pregnancy really gives her strength and brings a ray of hope.

By reading pregnancy-related books, a pregnant woman should be ready in a way to face the upcoming situations of her delivery. Baby parenting and childhood books are really required to be considered. By reading such kinds of books, she will definitely come to know how to handle and take care of her baby in the future.

Top 8 pregnancy books for expecting women to read

There are a lot of books available in the market that are specially designed for pregnant women. I have chosen the best out of those for recommendations.

  1. How expecting Mom’s swear by Funny Pregnant Women gifts: This book is 100 pages and the language used is English. It is a fun coloring book for pregnant moms to reduce stress levels to make their delivery easy.

2. Dad’s pregnant too by Harlan Cohen: This book gives details about tips, stories, advice, learnings, surprises, questions which clears each and every doubt of the expecting parents and provides them a sense of hope and confidence in nurturing and upbringing the child.

3. Preparing for a healthy birth by Sylvie Donna: This book gives pregnant women a brief on how to have a safe and healthy delivery and some advice on how to be strong at delivery times.

4. The day-by-day pregnancy book by Dr. Maggie Blott: This book provides information on how the changes take place in the pregnancy cycle of a woman. It also advises on how to be stable at times. How to understand mood swings, food cravings, and mental health, etc.

5. What to expect when you are pregnant by Heidi Dais: This book indeed gives pregnant women a complete ride of what happens and how it feels. It prepares the women for the postpartum journey of being a mother. It also gives suggestions for pregnant women on how to embrace Motherhood.

6. Omg! we are pregnant by Dr. Paul Peebles:

It comes with the psychological survival guide for expecting parents. This provides all the detailing the joys and challenges of delivering and raising a child. It delves into the deepest fears and anxieties that parents often are concerned about and are hesitant to share those with others.

7. The big fat activity book for pregnant people by Jordon Reid

This book provides the pregnant women stress relief by having some kind of funny and interesting activities. These activities will improve the mental health of the pregnant women. This will keep the pregnant women stress free and active in all kind of works.

8. The pregnant darkness by Monica Wikman

The author is a psychologist and Astrologer who indeed symbolizes the presence of a divine hand at work in the psyche. It indeed symbolizes how to connect with the inner life of pregnant women. It also tells how to strengthen the connection between the mother and child.


Reading is really a good habit, in times of pregnancy book reading helps the woman on how to understand various things related to pregnancy cycle. It includes mood swings, food cravings, stress and anxiety levels, etc. There are several books available out there for pregnant women. These are indeed some of the best books to read for pregnant women to understand their emotions better.

Does reading improves the health of pregnant women?

Yes, as the books are specially written for pregnant women so, reading these books will surely has its impact on pregnant women and her health.

Where do one find the pregnancy books?

These books are available on Amazon, Flipkart. These are avilable in e-book formats.

What will be the price range of pregnancy books?

These books are avilable for every price ranges sorting from 0-5000 on an average.

When should a pregnant women start reading pregnancy books?

As soon as she finds it comfortable to sit and read something about her body changes, psychological changes, food cravings etc.

Does male parent also have books to read?

Yes, there are books for male parents to read for their babies.