SEO is the Search Engine Optimization which allows you to rank your website on the SERP results. There are a lot of terminologies that are used in the SEO process while going forward you will get to know some of it.

If you are an SEO person and you don’t know these terminologies people will judge you. No matter how sound you are in SEO if you don’t know these terminologies then, you will get stared by people (demeaning looks pointing at you!!)

Frequently used SEO Terminologies

Here is the list of some of the most used terminologies in SEO that will make you understand a bit more about SEO if you have just started out!

SEO Terminologies

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SERP – Search Engine Ranking Position

CTR – Click Through Rate

CPC – Cost Per Click

PPC – Pay Per Click

CTI – Cost To Install

CTA – Cost To Action

CPM – Cost Per Mile (1000 Impressions)

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

Crawling – It is about Following the links

Indexing – Adding new pages to the Google Search

Rendering – Allowing Search Engines to show your website/web pages to users 

Ranking – Shows the position of your website

Impression – How many users see your Ad (Not Unique user count)

Reach – To how many users your Ad is reached ( Unique user count)

Bounce Rate – The % of people who are visiting a single page of your website and are leaving. (Google Bounce rate is 100%)

Sitemap – It is the list of pages, videos, and other things you have on your websites. Google uses this information to crawl your website easily and efficiently

How to Calculate CTR, CPC, CPM

Here comes the question on how we can calculate CPC, CTR, CPM. So, we have drafted some formulae which can help you in calculating the CTR, CPC, CPM metrics. First, we will go with CTR ratio then we will proceed to CPC calculation, and moreover we will finish it by calculating CPM.

This is a beginner friendly article which will give you a clear understanding of the SEO terms which we get to deal with in Digital Marketing.

What is CTR?

Firstly, CTR is the click through rate. It means how many users have clicked on your website when your website is shown to them in search results. 

CTR is calculated in “%”

What is CPC?

Actually, CPC is the Cost Per Click. It means how much you are paying to get a click on your website when it is shown in search results.

CPC is calculated in “INR”

What is CPM?

In simple words, CPM is the Cost per Mile. It is the amount you have to pay when 1000 users see your Ad in search results.

CPM is calculated in “INR”


Here is a simple example which will take you through the calculation process of the much heard SEO terminologies.

If you have spent 1000 INR to get 100 clicks, 50000 impressions then what will be your CPC, CTR, CPM?

Total Ad Cost = 1000 INR

No. of Clicks = 100

Total Impressions = 50000

CPC = Total Cost/Total Clicks 

and i.e 1000/100 = 10

Which means for a single click you have to pay 10 INR

CTR = Clicks/impressions * 100

and i.e 100/50000 * 100 = 0.2%

Which says when users are coming onto your website the click ratio is 2%

CPM = Cost to Advertiser/No. Of Impressions * 1000

and i.e 1000/50000 *1000 = 20 INR

For 1000 impressions the advertiser pays 20/-

Hope this blog is helpful if it is so then, do let me know your thoughts on this article.