Wondering how some websites are having traffic in millions. Having a website is no big deal in today’s scenario, but driving traffic is. Most of us don’t know how to drive immense traffic on our website over a period of time. Social Bookmarking plays an important role in getting traffic to your website content.

There are many ways to land traffic on your website. One simple and effective way is to do Social Bookmarking. This is a technique for posting your URL on other websites with higher Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Posting URLs on websites that have a higher range of audiences can drive immense traffic to your websites. You need to choose websites with DA & PA relatively. You also need to have quality content that has the ability to sustain the incoming traffic. This way you can increase the user engagement ratio on the website.

Step-by-step procedure to do the social bookmarking

There are various websites to do the social bookmarking process. Some such websites are described in detail below. This is a step-by-step procedure that will help you to do the process in a smooth flow. Know how to write effective content in a simple yet effective manner.

Indeed, social bookmarking is one of the best and easy ways to get traffic from. Know more about the Bookmarking process to have a detailed idea of it. Know any related information by clicking HERE.


In order to do social bookmarking, you need to create an account on websites you wish to submit the URL. You also need to do the confirmation process as required per the website. The whole process will take about 10-15 minutes.


  1. Go to Google.com and search for Tumblr.com. You will need to have an active account for this process.

2. You will get a dashboard that shows various options upfront. You need to choose Link and submit the URL there.

3. You need to give the description as required

4. Select and enter the appropriate tags in the Tags section

5. Click on the option post

Your URL gets live on the Tumblr platform. When users click on the link users will take users to the website.

Pocket, a social bookmarking platform.

Pocket.com is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites. It has a Domain Authority of 91.

  • Go to Google.com and search for Pocket.com. You need to have an active account to do the process smoothly.
  • Here you will get a dashboard that shows various options.
  • You need to choose the + symbol and add your URL there.
  • It makes social bookmarking successfull.

Weheartit, a social bookmarking platform.

  • Go to Google.com and search for weheartit.com. You need to have an active account. Here Hearts represents the likes.
  • From the dashboard you need to choose “New Post”.
  • Then click on “Add from URL” option.
  • There you need to post the URL of your blog post.
  • Enter the appropriate “Tags” to your post.
  • It will be live on the website and bookmarking is successful.

Digg, a social bookmarking platform.

This is one of the platforms to do Social Bookmarking process that has high DA & PA.

  • Go to Google.com and search for Digg.com. You need to have an active account to do the social bookmarking.
  • On this website, you need to click on your account or profile.
  • Then click on “submit a link” option from there.
  • Enter all the required information like URL, Title, Description, Tags, Story kicker…etc
  • Finally click on submit and it completes the bookmarking process.

Diigo.com, a social bookmarking platform.

This website is indeed one of the effective bookmarking websites. It has a Domain Authority of 89.

  • Go to your browser and search for Diigo.com. Keep yourself signed-in to complete the process instantly.
  • On the dashboard you will get to see a + symbol, click on it
  • From there you will find various options like Bookmark, Image, PDF, Notes. Choose Bookmark optiom over there.
  • Add the URL of the blog post you wish to bookmark.
  • Enter all the required details like Description, Tags and click on Add button.
  • This will make your bookmarking successful.

Biz Sugar

This is one of the platforms to do the process. It is some what similar to the Facebook platform.

  • On BizSugar platform you need to paste the URL.
  • Enter the description as required.
  • Enter the Tags and Alt Text as required.


  • Search for Scoop.it on your web browser. Create an account and check it’s working process.
  • On the dashboard choose Scoop option.
  • Enter the URL of the blog post and click enter.
  • Enter the Description and Tags to your blog and add appropriate tags.
  • This completes the Bookmark process.


  • On your web browser search for Plurk.com
  • You will get to see a dashboard that allows you to bookmark your URL.
  • You just simply need to paste the URL at the Plurk section.
  • This way you can bookmark your desired URL.


This is one of the high traffic platforms to share or bookmark your content.

  • On Pinterest you need to create “Pins” that can be posted on your profile.
  • The Pins should be of High quality.
  • You need to give a description to the pin.
  • Enter Your URL at the destination link.
  • You also need to give Alt Text and Tags to the pin you post.


This is one tough platform to bookmark.

  • Once you create an account on this platform.
  • You need to choose a community to post your URL.
  • You can also do commenting on others post by mentioning your URL there.


These are some of the websites that are good for Social Bookmarking process. A lot of other websites are also available for the process You can do the same on other websites too.

Hope you liked the information.