Have you ever felt searching or applying for jobs or freelance projects becomes easy when you have the prospect’s or Recruiter’s contact source? Most of us feel the answer is YES, it is because we often get lost in applying to jobs where we don’t even know the contact details of the job poster or provider.

We apply to jobs or projects and then forget about reaching out to them as we have no other option. At times, we feel to reach out to them but don’t have any information regarding the same. Email collection tools come in handy during these times and from these free tools, we get results too. Isn’t it amazing? so, let us get to know the process right away.

Cold calling and cold emailing are some of the most effective ways to secure desired results. You can get valid emails from websites just by having some tools that help you in getting them. If you are struck in contacting a person but don’t have any contact information. Then, you should check out the free tools listed below. Know how to use a FREE title/Headline generator for writing better content.

Cold mailing
Cold mailing

These tools help you to reach the correct person and give you valid results. Check out the process explained below to fetch the mails easily from any website. There are some tools that help us in getting these results one of them is Getprospect.io.

How to use Getprospect.io for cold emailing?

Getprospect.io is one of the free email collection tools to use. Here is the step-by-step procedure to collect and cold mail prospects using this tool on the LinkedIn app. Know how to schedule posts on WordPress easily by the following easy process.

  • First, you need to get the Getprospect.io extension from Google search.
  • Add the extension to your prevailing extensions.
  • Go to LinkedIN app and search for the jobs you want by entering the job position and desired location.
  • From the results, select “People”.
  • You will get to see a page with all the people related to your search.
  • From the results, select the profiles by tick marking them using “Tick mark” option.
  • Create a list and save the selected profiles in this list.
  • From this list you will get details like Name, Email, Job Title, Company, Location, and other details.

What to do after collecting mails using Getprospect.io?

Once you collect the email list, you can check if its valid or not. This can be done using some FREE email checker tools available over the web. Some such tools are Snov.io, NeverBounce, Bouncer, Zerobouncer, and others.

After getting the email list you can reach out to your prospects with supporting documents. If you are searching for a job then, you can contact them with an updated resume and all the qualifications and experiences. If you are a freelancer then, you can contact them with your samples, testimonials, and price sheets for work.

Cold mailing is proven to be one of the best ways where you can get results. With Getprospect.io this whole process becomes so easy and effortless. There are many alternatives to the Getprospect.io tool use whichever tool you feel comfortable with.

My Experience with Cold emailing.

During my Internship I have an Assignment on cold mailing and tried it using the Getprospect.io, a free tool. I have collected the mails and verified them using the email checker tool. Using this technique I have sent mails to 10-20 people and fortunately I have received 8+ replies within a week span. That’s when I realized the importance and power of cold mailing.

Hope this technique is helpful for you. There might be people who are unaware of this method so, share till it reaches them. Comment down your thoughts below.