What is social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is a powerful way to share your blogs on social media at your own convenience. It has more significance since these bookmarks create a backlink for the posts. It brings back a lot of visibility, traffic, and brand awareness to your blogs or website.

Social Bookmarking is indeed one of the best and proven ways to do content marketing. It also helps in SEO to enhance website traffic and awareness. Formerly it is also called Social Tagging.

Social tagging is useful in getting:

  1. Traffic from these websites.
  2. Increasing website visibility.
  3. Generate Backlinks.
  4. Increasing Website awareness

How to do social Bookmarking?

These are some steps you need to follow while doing social Bookmarking on any of the listed websites. Know about content curation which helps you to create content easily.

  1. Choose the social bookmarking website properly according to the DA, PA of the website.
  2. Read and follow the website guidelines before posting.
  3. Make sure to add appropriate tags.
  4. Include description properly.
  5. Don’t bookmark using a single url multiple times.
  6. Never do spamming.

Procedure of doing Bookmarking

  • Firstly, choose the bookmark website and signup with the credentials.
  • Select the link or url that you want to promote or get backlink.
  • open the bookmarking website and paste the Url there.
  • Give proper Title and description to the link.
  • Include appropriate tags to the link.
  • Connect social media handles to share simultaneously.
  • In addition to, these bookmarks will always be available on your profile.
  • Therefore, you can monitor your bookmarks easily.
social bookmarking

What aspects to consider befor doing Social Bookmarking?

There are a lot of websites that allow you to do social tagging. But, before that, you need to check the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of these sites. The higher the DA, PA the more the quality of the backlink.

In addition, select those websites that have a slight increase in DA and PA than your website. If you do the social bookmark in a right you will get all the benefits listed above. These websites have huge traffic that brings in more traffic to the posts or website you post. Indeed backlinks are an important part of SEO know-how to get backlinks.

Top Websites to do Bookmarking

There are some websites with high DA and PA which allow users to do social bookmarking. Some of the Top websites are listed below. Consequently, you can use other websites to do this process as well.

Google Bookmark with DA| 100

This is the top bookmarking website owned by Google. Moreover, It allows users to bookmark their content like URLs, images, videos using the communities and collections. So, It allows both visual and written content for bookmarking.

Therefore, users can easily find their interests on this bookmarking platform easily and can share them with anyone.

LinkedIn corporation with DA|97

This is indeed one of the best bookmarking websites that are best suited for B2B businesses. It also allows the users to share the content in different formats. Users can share those with others as well.

It is more of a professional kind of platform as compared with others. Hence, professionalism should be maintained while doing the process.

Facebook with DA|95

It is one of the famous and largest social networking sites to consider. Facebook allows users to bookmark and share content with others publicly. It also allows the users to share the content in communities called “Groups”.

You can do bookmarking by selecting the group related to your niche. You can also create a page where you can self-promote. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to do it.

My Space with DA|95

This website allows users to submit their bookmarks with a submit option. Users can submit URLs, blog post feeds for the users. When a post is liked by the audience, your post will make it to the feed. Therefore, posting viral content is really helpful to gain traffic.

Pinterest with DA|94

It is a high-traffic networking website where sharing content is done in form of Pins. You need to create a board where you can submit the pins. Pins are high-quality images that you can share with the users including some basic details. These details include Title, Short description, link re-direct.

The pins should be of high quality to gain the user’s attention.

Instagram with DA|93

This is a highly popular and emerging platform to make use of. You can find a lot of interesting content ideas here. You can share images, videos, reels, stories for more visibility and traffic. This is obviously one of the emerging platforms to gain momentum.

Slashdot with DA|91

It allows users to view and scroll through all the newly submitted stories. Before submitting, go through the guidelines to have a better experience. It shares the links on different things like book reviews, games, security, and a lot more.

Get Pocket with DA|91

This social bookmark website allows you to share your content easily. It asks for the URL link which you want to submit. It processes the information and saves it for you. The bookmarking process is too easy to do on this platform.

Flipboard with DA|91

This website allows you to flip the URL you want to bookmark. After flipping, you can easily share it with your friends and family. It will always be available on your profile under flips for future use.

Diigo with DA|89

This social bookmarking website makes it easy for users to save and publish stories. It is one of the best ways to keep track of the URLs you bookmark online. Additionally, know about SEO and backlinks in a broader way.

Plurk with DA|88

This social bookmarking website allows users to Plurk the Url they want to bookmark. After doing this, your URL will be available for you to share on other connected social media handles. Furthermore, the content is limit to 210 characters on Plurk

Tumblr with DA|87

This is a social bookmarking website that allows users to do various things. These include posting, submitting Url, image submission, video submission, and so on.


Social bookmarking is indeed one of the best ways to promote content online. It also boosts the traffic of your website. These are some of the Top social bookmarking websites to rely on for getting backlinks.

I hope these Social bookmarking websites will be helpful to you in enhancing your website traffic.